The Ascension

Today, many people are seeking a deeper understanding of Spirit and a more meaningful way to express their spirituality. The idea that you are a spiritual being is an exciting one but how do you make it a reality? How do you spiritually evolve and become one with your spiritual self? How do you, like the Ascended Masters, become a master, too? Having gone before us, the masters show us the way. They present us with a path of initiation that helps us to spiritually accelerate and reunite with the Higher Self. How do they do this? By providing the initiations, healing, nurturing, love, guidance and teaching we cannot get anywhere else. There is one condition though - we have to be willing to do the work.

Many of the Ascended Masters, like you and I, have reincarnated lifetime after lifetime and dealt with the same issues and challenges we struggle with daily. They underwent the same trials and tests and successfully won their freedom and immortality through the ritual of the ascension. The ascension is a unique process that leads to the mystical reunion with God. In essence it is the acceleration and spiritualization of consciousness. Every one is working on the path of the ascension whether they call it this or not. Simple acts of kindness, helping others, prayer and devotion to God, and every good deed we do increases the light in our being. As we grow in awareness and raise our consciousness our soul evolves a little more. We have been doing it this way for many lifetimes.

The actual ritual of the ascension happens after you have passed certain initiations and met specific guidelines and requirements. It involves making a very serious commitment to the path of initiation. You have to have a certain level of attainment and a substantial amount of light in your body. Cosmic law requires at least one ascension per year and it is a very noble goal that all of us should strive for. It has been said the path of the ascension is really the path of love and forgiveness. When someone makes his or her ascension the planet and everyone on it receives an increment of light. This is a very beautiful gift and sacred blessing for all.

Let's take a closer look at spiritual light.