The Archangels (1)

Archangels hold the highest rank in the order of angels and are typically described as “majestic fiery beings having immense light.” They are in charge of the angels and act as their captains. Each of the seven rays has an Archangel along with his divine compliment assigned to it. Female Archangels are called Archeia. Archangels and their Archeiai embody the God consciousness of their respective rays and direct the bands of angels that are under their command. The Archangels not only help us to strengthen and balance our chakras but also give us initiations on the correct way to use the light-energy flowing through them. There are other Archangels beside the Seven Archangels performing their jobs in this hierarchy and all are considered to be great healers.

Archangel Michael, the Archangel of Protection, is one of the better-known Archangels and is highly revered in the Christian, Jewish, and Islamic faiths. His name means “Who is like God.” He serves on the First Ray (blue ray) with his divine compliment, Archeia Faith, and provides us with both spiritual and physical protection. He is called the captain of the Lord’s host. Whenever you need protection you can call to Archangel Michael to place his Electronic Presence around you. You can also call for protection around any person, place or thing. Be sure to include his blue flame angels, too. Archangel Michael initiates us in the uses of power in the throat chakra.

If you want to place protection around yourself or a loved a simple prayer to give is:

In the name of my mighty I AM Presence, I call to beloved Archangel Michael and Faith to send forth their legions of blue flame angels to guard and protect my family, loved ones and myself. Let it be done according to God’s Holy Will.